April MCFAPA Meeting

I wanted to take a minute while it is fresh on our minds, and talk about Tuesday’s MCFAPA meeting and childcare. We had a very large turnout (which is amazing by the way, with a record number of children)! As we grow and more families attend the monthly meetings, we have become very aware that some changes need to be made concerning childcare. DHR currently contracts Harris Home to manage childcare based on RSVP info that you give us such as the number and ages of children. It is apparent to us at MCFAPA that childcare needs some big changes so our kids have a safe and enjoyable experience while we all unite as foster/adoptive parents. MCFAPA Vice President, Jenn Fabiszak, has volunteered to address this issue. She will start working directly with Jennifer Taylor and Harris Home to address the issues that have come up concerning childcare. We want to ensure that we have more rooms operating for our children with supervised age appropriate activities. Please bear with us as we grow and learn how to make our time together enjoyable and productive for all!!

Julie Billig

MCFAPA President

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