Direct Results of your Comments

The Advocacy Board would like to thank all the parents who participated in the last 2 surveys that went out.  As reported a few months ago, your comments identified to DHR and the Advocacy Board that Social Workers were not properly trained on Prudent Parenting and the Foster Parent Bill of Rights.  As a direct result of your concerns, Buddy Hooper came to Huntsville yesterday and held a mandatory DHR Social Worker training on Prudent Parenting and the Foster Parent Bill of Rights.

In addition to the DHR staff being trained, DHR wants to ensure that foster parents receive the same exact training. This way, everyone is on the same page. We need to do our part and attend a Prudent Parenting training/refresher. It will be held at DHR on June 12th @ 6:00 PM. Buddy will be returning to Huntsville to give the training. This is OUR chance as foster parents to be trained with the same information that DHR will have just received so let’s not waste this great opportunity!

Thank you!

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