Over the last few weeks, our wonderful partner The Rock Family Worship Center has blessed over 300 individuals that MCFAPA serves with hot meals 3 days a week. These include foster families, adoptive parents, & Grand-families (Grandparents raising their grandkids).

Over the next few weeks, your support of MCFAPA can help continue to support these families even more. MCFAPA will donate $10 of every individual membership & $15 of each family membership back to The Rock’s Covid-19 Relief Fund. If you already support MCFAPA through membership, 20% of any donations received via https://mcfapa.life will go into the same fund.

We also have an anonymous donor that will match the first $250 too! From the families receiving food, support, groceries, etc – we thank you, Madison County! During the time, your support means even more to your neighbors.

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