MCFAPA Equipment & Clothing Exchange

The MCFAPA Equipment & Clothing Exchange started over 3 years ago as a way for families to support each other tangibly. “The Exchange” sponsored by MCFAPA, is open to all foster, adoptive, and kinship families who reside in or near Madison County, Alabama. (If you live, work, or shop regularly in Madison County, you can be a member.)

Items listed are donated to MCFAPA for use by foster, kinship, and adoptive parents in Madison County, Alabama and its neighboring counties. These items include but are not limited to baby gear, furniture, children’s toys, books, and clothing for boys and girls in sizes preemie through adult. Members are also free to post their items to pass on to other member families. All items on “The Exchange” are offered absolutely free and no charge to all our families -no selling permitted! It is our desire that families will freely share their excess items with others here or by passing along to any of the local closets.

We are supported, in part, due to local partnerships with Once Upon A Child and Plato’s Closet as well as a core group of Sorters. Our volunteer Sorters pick up donations almost daily, take to their home, sort, “tag & bag,” post online, and distribute to our families.

Rules of “The Exchange”

All claimed items must be picked up within one (1) week of claiming, or the items will be reposted. Repeatedly claiming and not picking up items can be grounds for “muting” your ability to claim or removal from the group. Please respect our volunteers time and pick up claimed items promptly.

Please, be respectful of our donated resources and claim items for your current use only. No “stockpiling” for possible, future use. No selling of items claimed here. We believe in abundance! Your need will be met when it happens. Let’s work together to support all families in our group.

Be sure and post any items you need. Use the ISO (In Search Of) post here for all requests for needed items. We encourage all families to check this list before posting, and main sorters check this list as well. 

Join “The Exchange” here

Please make sure you completely answer the required questions – we CAN NOT approve you without them and your request will be declined otherwise. Refer any families you know who meet our criteria.