Madison Academy Theater Production to benefit MCFAPA

Proceeds from May 8th shows benefit MCFAPA!

Looking for something fun to enjoy as a family? Look no further! Madison Academy Theater is presenting “Into the Woods, Jr” next week! Part of the proceeds from the Saturday, May 8th shows benefit MCFAPA – it’s a win-win situation! Be sure to dress as your favorite storybook character, bring some new PJs to stock The Den, and enjoy a wonderful production! Get your tickets here:

Taekwondo for Free? Yes Please!

Did you know that there is a FREE Taekwondo program in Huntsville for kids AND Adults? Well, now you do!

Taekwondo Outreach Ministries is a Christian & family-based type atmosphere. They are a charter member of the United States Chung Do Kwan Association, which is operated under the umbrella of the Huntsville Dream Center (The Rock Family Worship Center). 

For more information, email Scott Heath, Senior Instructor for the Taekwondo Outreach Ministry (T.O.M.) at

Located in The Event Center at Roto-Rooter, 1435 Paramount Dr, Huntsville, AL 35805. The Event Center at Roto Rooter hosted our 2nd Annual Bros & Bows Event – Bros, Bows, & Boos Family Fall Fest and is one of Huntsville’s newest event centers and venues. They offer a new, unique space perfect for corporate & business meetings, church gatherings, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, & receptions. 

How to Help Your Little Ones Overcome Some Common Learning Struggles

If your foster or adoptive child is struggling with at-home learning, know that they are not alone. There are many children across the country who are having a hard time paying attention and keeping up with remote learning right now. While you can’t prevent every single issue your child will encounter, you can make online learning less stressful for your foster or adoptive child and even yourself with the following recommendations from the Madison County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association.

Invest in Some Reliable Tech

Giving your child an old laptop or tablet for their online lessons may be an economical choice, but it may not be the most effective one. That’s because many of the programs and tools that keep your kids learning at home require the latest operating systems in order to work correctly. So if you want your child to get the most out of their online lessons and projects, you should consider investing in some new tech tools.

You can start with a reliable and fast laptop that won’t break the bank or have you stressed about your child breaking the new device. A new Chromebook, for instance, could be the perfect option, with user-friendly features your child will love and durability you will love as well. Plus, Chromebooks tend to come with low price tags that are friendly for your family’s budget.

Once you have a new laptop picked out, you will also want to invest in a few extras. While headphones and workstations can make life easier for your little student, it’s also pretty important to have the right connection for your home internet. With so many educational programs using games, virtual reality(VR) and other innovative technologies, having a dependable and quick internet connection is more essential than ever before.

Provide Plenty of Brain Breaks

Does your brain get foggy after hours of Zoom meetings and remote work calls? If so, you could be suffering from Zoom burnout. No, seriously, this is a legitimate issue affecting kids and adults who have been logging more hours on this and similar video conferencing services. So if you or your child feel more sluggish or less focused lately, it may be time for more breaks. 

In fact, most experts recommend scheduling frequent brain breaks for your child whether they are learning via Zoom or other online tools. Brain breaks can also keep you productive when you are working from home, so pencil in some time each day for your child to get away from their screens and engage in other activities.

Movement can be especially good for breaking up the monotony of online learning and even improving your child’s overall performance in school. You can get your child outside for some exercise or try following along with some family-friendly workouts indoors instead.

You could also fill some of that free-time with backyard educational activities and projects that are so fun that your child won’t even realize that they are still learning! From creative projects like making their own sun prints to learning about regional wildlife to science experiments like mixing up bubbles, there are endless ways for your kids to take a break while still building their brains.

Ensure Everyone Gets Good Sleep

Zoom can definitely zap your energy, but if you and your child have been feeling extra sleepy lately, a lack of quality rest could be more to blame. Pandemic-related sleep issues have been on the rise these last few months, so this is another struggle your family may share with others across the country. Even so, you all need better sleep to stay healthy and stress-free.

The steps you take to improve sleep quality for your family can depend on several key factors, including the age of each family member and any potential health or life changes. For older children and teenagers, shutting off electronics during the evening hours could lead to better sleep, while creating bedtime rewards can help toddlers drift off to dreamland faster.

While learning online can be convenient and safe, it can also lead to boredom and other issues for your family and especially your foster or adoptive child. So try to supplement those online lessons with the right tech tools, brain breaks, and most importantly, a good night’s sleep.

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Thank YOU!

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! We can’t say it enough! We are always blown away from the support of our community and at this past weekend’s Bros, Bows, & Boos Fall Festival, you blew us away again! We had over 355 people throughout the entirety of our event and we were able to raise over $13,770!! Plus, we were able to provide free haircuts and haircare advice to more than 50 children in attendance!

There are so many people to thank and we will try to do so below.

Thank you to our financial sponsors that kept our event FREE – Alliance Cancer Care, Timberlake Homes, Pediatric Gastro Associates, Rocket City Mobile Vet, Tyson Dental, Progress Bank, Crestwood Medical Center, Redstone Federal Credit Union, Alabama Bariatrics, Cloud Ryan & Rouse LLC, & Randy Nash at Legend Realty!

Thank you to our food sponsor – Hardee’s. Especially Darrell & Tracy for cooking lunch for everyone!

Thank you to our product sponsors – The Mane Choice, Evonne’s Essentials, & Hair Queen!

Thank you to Lyon’s Family Farms for donating pumpkins for each child in attendance!

Thank you to all of our volunteers, many of whom are our families. Big THANK YOU to Ben with Publix, Life Christian Academy, & the Boys Scouts for volunteering during our event and keeping things clean and fun!

Thank you to our haircare experts – Sonji with Songee’z Training Moments, Kelly Williams & Drake State’s Cosmetology Students, Heather with Whisker’s, Zaneta with Great Clips, & Damion with Straight Razor Barbering.

Thank you to our vendors – Rita’s Italian Ice, Foxtrot Family Law, AGAPE of North Alabama, Rocket City Chiropractic, Karine Joncas Medi-Spa Cosmetics, Lifeline Children’s Services, Liberty National Insurance, Treasures by Tracy Glazebrook, and Kelsey Blizzard!

Thank you to all of the wonderful businesses and individuals that donated to our silent auction, helping us raise over $1500 through bids!

Thank you to Paul & Ashlyn at The Event Center at Roto Rooter for hosting us. They are wonderful to work with and have a heart for what MCFAPA does each and every day!

Thank you to Kristin with HPD for keeping us safe during the event!

Thank you to Trinity Baptist Church for letting us borrow the games for the fall fest!