Christmas for Kin

In Alabama, over 200,000 children are being raised by a relative, mostly Grandparents. Nearly 60,000 Grandparents are raising their children’s children.


The number one reason are drugs, mainly opioids. Other reasons include incarceration, death, mental health or simply “I can’t do this” and the parents walk away.

In 2021, our Grandparents as Parents committee with AFAPA supported 221 “Grandfamilies” with Christmas thanks to a generous community donor. Unfortunately, the donor was unable to support in 2022 but thanks to several supporters like YOU, we were able to provide Christmas for nearly 120 children from 55 families.

This crisis isn’t going away. Each day, children are being dropped off for their Grandparents to raise them. Very few of these go through the state child welfare system for a variety of reasons, so these Grandparents are responsible for the care and upkeep of the children with zero help from anyone. The stats for Alabama should shock you…

for every one child in foster care, 88+ children are being raised by their Grandparents with no help from any government agency.

That’s why we need your help. With our Grandparents, most live on just Social Security, which leaves them below poverty. Christmas presents are a luxury that is out of reach for most of the Grandparents.

We are hoping to provide Christmas for 300 children in 2023.

These children range from newborns to 18 years old. Adopt a family, gift cards, cash…follow your heart. These children deserve to have a wonderful Christmas morning. 

2023 Christmas lists will be available in the coming months by clicking here.

Sponsor a child

Support one child in Alabama being raised by a Grandparent with Christmas. In order to support 300 families this year, we need to raise at least $50,000!


If you need a donation letter, please email

Are you a Grandparent raising your grandchildren? Please email and we will send a wish list form for your child(ren). While it is not guaranteed, we hope to be able to fill all requests as we can.