2021 Board of Directors

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Brandon Bishop

I am the biological dad of three, foster dad of two, & human dad to two dogs. My wife, Trina, & I have been foster parents for over 6 years now. During that time, we have fostered 23+ children anywhere from 4 days to nearly 2 years. We consider fostering to be part of our ministry, pouring into the lives of the children in our care but also becoming a resource & "family" for birth parents throughout the process. 

Currently, I am a Principal Consultant & Director for Bear Cognition, a managed data analytics company but worked in the logistics industry for 13+ years. I have served on the MCFAPA Board of Directors for nearly 3 years now and love that we are making positive changes in the lives of the families we serve! In addition to being our Board President for 2021, I continue to do our marketing, including updating our website & social media channels.

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Edie Lowhorne
Vice President & DHR Liason
AJ Burgess

AVP/Treasury Management Officer - Progress Bank

Catrina Lieber

With a degree in psychology and a background in education, I feel passionate about joining an organization known for supporting the very real families who open their homes to tough children from tough places.  In 2011, we began our foster journey in central Utah. We adopted a sibling group of 5 in 2017, a sibling group of 3 in 2018, an 19 year old as an adult who we had fostered in 2020 & most recently an 8 year old from Limestone County.  Each child brings their own rewards & challenges into the home and I hope that together we can find ways of balancing it all while not losing ourselves in the chaos.

Shannon McElroy
I came into the foster care world out of undergrad where I work for a Therapeutic Foster Care agency. I loved the work I did and continued working in TFC for several years. Working in the field made me want to foster and do more  When I learned that it would be very difficult for me to have children of my own, I was initially upset, but my heart to foster and/or adopt was still present. I presented the idea to my husband who supported it as enthusiastically as I had hoped. 
I am currently an Assistant Professor for the Social Work program at AAMU and I have a Private therapy Practice.
I operate under the belief that one cannot complain about something unless they have done something to change that which they complain about.  So, I decided to be a part of the solution and support for Foster Parents rather than just simply someone who benefits from it. 
Heather Potvin

Advisory Board:

Madison County Department of Human Resources Liaison – Jennifer Taylor

Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Association Liaison – Keith Lowhorne, Director of Operations & Development – Nexus Energy Center

We are always looking for passionate people to serve alongside us! If you have a passion for improving the lives of children in our community & want to bring about positive change, please email us at Join@MCFAPA.Life. More info on membership can be found here. Please note, you must be a member of MCFAPA in good standing in order to serve on the Executive Board of Directors.