Oct. 14th Meeting – NCAC

Sexual Abuse. Physical Abuse.

These are two tough subjects but very important ones for us, as caregivers, to know how to look for the warning signs of abuse. If you are parenting children that have been removed from their family, you may not actually know for sure whether or not the child in your care has been sexually or physically abused. Many times foster parents are the ones that uncover these abuses before anyone else.

All children and youth who have been abused need to feel safe and loved in nurturing homes. As a caregiver, you can play a central role in your child’s healing process, as well as in “building resilience,” which strengthens the child’s ability to adapt to or cope with adversity.

Join us as Beth Jackson, MS, ALC from the National Children’s Advocacy Center comes to speak about the different types of abuses, what warning signs to look for, the impact on your family, and the best way to seek help.

Keep an eye out for the RSVP link for childcare. We hope to see you there!