MCFAPA Partners with Team Builderz

We are so thankful for our partnership with TeamBuilderz and their freezer meals for our foster families over the past several months! Team Builderz purpose is to organize and facilitate team building experiences for corporations/clubs/civic groups that provide community, connection & purpose in partnership with area local non-profits.

Their offerings are more than just a fun bonding experience. They will actually create a social impact that provides internal fulfillment to each person that participates. Teams grow in unity, professionalism, and problem solving skills as they love and care for the needs in our community.

Did you know that your business can sponsor a “Cooking for a Cause” experience in which you prepare meals for local foster families through Heart of the Home kitchen at The Rock Family Worship Center? Last week’s meals were prepared by Team ADTRAN and it was great!

About the founder, Jill McGuire:

With 20 years of past performance in serving people through Real Estate as well as nonprofit initiatives, Jill recognizes the need for partnership between community needs and corporate entities. As the founder of TeamBuilderz, her passion is to be a bridge between nonprofits and teams seeking connection experiences.

With an expertise in people leadership, organization and structure, she continually locates and leverages opportunities that are beneficial to a prosperous community. You can trust TeamBuilderz to provide a high-quality, professional experience for your team that leaves a lasting impact long beyond the amount of time you invested.

Reach out to Jill at TeamBuilderz for more info on how to get involved!

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