Featured on Our Town Podcast

Recently, our current Board President Brandon Bishop was invited to the Our Town Podcast to speak more about foster care & adoption here in Alabama, his family, and how you can “Get Attached” and make a difference either by becoming a foster or adoptive parent or supporting in other ways.

Check out the full interview on YouTube below

Brandon shares the interesting circumstance in which he met his wife, Trina, and how they would later become foster parents even with their own biological children. We discuss the obstacles and myths that still prevail delaying qualified individuals and couples from starting the process of fostering or adopting a child. Brandon shares many stories and insights from his many experiences as a foster parent, which proved to be both educational and emotional. Brandon is a songwriter and we discussed the lyrics to a song he wrote entitled “You’re Doin it Wrong” and then watched it performed by Cristina Lynn. Brandon is definitely a selfless person who leads a selfless life and you will be amazed to hear the other things he is involved with all aimed at community building.

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