Mandatory Training

Notice from Jennifer Taylor,

DHR This training is for any foster parent that completed GPS or GPS Deciding Together. This online training is worth 8 hours. I will also be sending out a letter. All GPS trained foster parents will need to completed this online training The Children’s Alliance is offering an online overview course of TIPS MAPP. This course was developed for current foster and adoptive parents as a way to review some of the information shared in the preservice TIPS MAPP program. (This online course does not replace the 30-hour face to face TIPS MAPP course required for adoption or foster home licensing approval.) The Online: TIPS MAPP Overview course is self-paced. Participants can log on anytime (24/7) and complete the course at their own pace. This online course consists of 19 sections. Participants will be asked to read material, watch videos and do some personal reflections. Within the course are 6 assignments – three multiple choice quizzes and three essay type questions. These assignments will be reviewed by an approved MAPP Trainer or Master MAPP Trainer. The trainer may provide feedback on the assignments and will be available via e-mail or phone to answer questions and guide participants through the course. Upon completion of the course, the trainer will automatically be notified. Once the trainer reviews and approves the assignments, the participant will be able to log back into the course and retrieve their certificate of completion. The course should take about 8 hours to complete. The certificate will reflect 8 hours of training. Providers previously approved through GPS can take the course as a couple or individually. Each couple or individual will need their own e-mail address to register. To begin the login process, the provider will need to go to: hBItu2ir94a9pKMjrpNWNZYt4U&m=GYlTLhd_rQcz_mvzgj8Ez8TP_vynsyYcgxxM7aScu_s&s=nEVvMQMI22YRAP3uQH_rZ68XbrzeZQXQYgsgJ5NLAE&e=

On the right side of the page is a button that says “Create new account.” Click this button. Follow the instructions to create an account. Once an account is created, go back to: hBItu2ir94a9pKMjrpNWNZYt4U&m=GYlTLhd_rQcz_mvzgj8Ez8TP_vynsyYcgxxM7aScu_s&s=nEVvMQMI22YRAP3uQH_rZ68XbrzeZQXQYgsgJ5NLAE&e=

and log in on the left side with the information you registered. This will be the address that will be used whenever logging in to continue/finish the course. If providers do not have online access, the course can be completed at a library or at the local DHR office, if you have a computer for them to use.

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